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Survive and escape the Oldlake Stalker at the convenience store.


  • Short horror game
  • Low poly PS1 style
  • Escape room puzzles
  • Multiple endings
  • Several hidden secrets

Solve Puzzles

In an escape room fashion, players will solve puzzles to escape the basement of the convenience store they’ve been locked in. While solving puzzles, make sure all items in the room are the way they were when you woke up or else the kidnapper will notice and attack.


Players will also need to make decisions and survive being chased. There are several items to find around the game that will help you escape so make sure you look carefully, it may save your life. Multiple endings can be found so everyone will have a different experience and makes the game very replayable.


There have been a number of disappearances around the Oldlake area. You pull over at the nearest convenience store on your way home to get gas and quickly realize the rumors were true about this place. Survive and escape the Oldlake Stalker in this PS1 style survival horror game!

Release Date:

The planned release date is September 23rd. This is the first horror game made by LunaApps which features an interactive environment and creepy characters while you survive an escape room puzzle and explore the convenience store.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags3D, Creepy, Exploration, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Short
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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great game!

I had a lot of fun. Good story. Good gameplay



A fantastic short horror game 

Really enjoyed this!

This was an Awesome Game, Had a blast playing it! The whole story was great and I Can't wait for more!!

Here is my Playthrough of the game... Ngl I got a bit scared LOL

What a fantastic game. Money well spent! I loved the atmosphere and the thought that being chained up by some guy was the biggest of our problems, when it clearly wasn't! Loved it. thank you! 👌

You can check out my experience in the video below should you wish 😊

Tried to befriend the killer… didn’t work!

Couldn’t find the missing cat nor Mark Pliers

Would survive, chain myself up and take a nap on a dirty mattress again with the mannequin 10/10

Had a great time Luna Apps!

Day 2 of Horror Month!

Hey, I bought this game and I'm unable to install it due to a library error.  Any thoughts?


Had the same problem - Go to your confirmation email and click Download from there then you can Download it from the web browser 

thanks for your help. :)


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Apparently this only happens in the Itchio client, so like CKob said you should be able to download it in the browser. I think it happened because I didn't define the OS version on my end, sorry about that. The problem should be fixed now!

hey, its works. Thanks so much. Can't wait to play. :)

Some pretty dam good and unexpected jumpscares. Nice atmosphere and cool but short storyline over all! I Enjoyed it :D

cool game!! lots of really good scares 

Your reactions are priceless lmao. Thanks for the support, I'm glad you enjoy the game!

i was totally expecting something else and its a crazy game with a few hidden stuff you have to find. for secret endings. i really enjoy the game but i did encounter a few glitches in my playthrough. i recommend check this horror game out.

Thank you! I'll be working to fix the bugs we find soon.